Tork Craft Universal Quick Cut TCT Blade 185mm x 42T 20-16

R 279.00
SKU: TCQ18542-20
TorkCraft - Quick Cut Universal TCT Saw Blade

Max Material Thickness: 2.0 mm
Diameter: 185 mm
TCT Teeth: 42T
Bore: 20/16 mm


The Tork Craft Quick Cut Universal Saw Blade cuts various types of materials like wood / steel / plastics / aluminium. C3 carbide for longer life, special diamond wheel sharpened teeth design for faster cuts, reinforced shoulders for reduced tooth loss and breakage, special kerf for smooth cutting, tempered blade body for smooth cutting, gullets for easy chip removing.

  • C3 Longer blade life
  • Special diamond wheel sharpened teeth design for faster cuts
  • 15x more durability
  • Ease of cut
  • Tempered blade body for smooth cutting
  • Gullets for easy chip removing


  • 20-16mm Reducing bushes

Best Performance: Thin steel / All wood types

Also Suitable for: Aluminium / Plastic / Wood with nails

WARNING: Sharp edges. Failure to follow warnings may result in bodily injury. Do not drop the blade. Do not use if bent or warping occurs.