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Tork Craft Tap Wrench No.3 Card M5-20

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Tork Craft Tap Wrench No.3 Card M5-20

Our range features tap wrenches designed to be used with a variety of thread sizes, ensuring you have a tap wrench to suit the application. The body is accompanied by knurled chrome handles, offering enhanced grip when working with tap threads and fittings.

A tap wrench is a hand tool designed to tap internal thread with ease. They often feature adjustable jaws that secure to the fitting, with handles allowing you to turn it with ease. They are available to suit various thread sizes and are manufactured using a range of materials.

  • Forged Steel Body/SG Iron
  • Hardened Steel Jaw
  • Powder Coating & Chrome Plating
  • Tap wrench can improve the work efficiency - it is a necessary tool for tapping.
  • Suitable hand tap wrench, for clamping taps or reamers cutting internal thread.
  • Convenient and practical.
  • Tempered steel jaws providing excellent durability and strength
  • Black finished steel body jaws
  • Knurled steel bar handles with a chrome finish, offering enhanced grip
  • Straight handle offering greater leverage and support
  • Perfect for use with a variety of thread sizes