Tork Craft Tap HSS 10mm x 1.25 1 per Card

R 86.00 R 95.00
SKU: NR1100-2C
TorkCraft - (HSS) High Speed Steel Taps

Carded Pack:  Qty 1


  • For cutting internal threads
  • Standard, Pipe & metric sizes
  • Produced to exacting specifications
  • Rust & Tarnish resistant
  • Cut cleaner more accurate threads
  • Four flutes for extra chip clearance
  • Right handed threaded taps in plug style

What you need to cut internal threads:

  • Correct size tap
  • Proper drill bit or hole
  • Proper lubricant (light weight oil in ferrous metals & Paraffin or beeswax for cutting alumnium. Do not use oil when cutting cast iron)
  • Tap wrench

WARNING: Using any tool can be dangerous. Always select the right tool for the job.