Tork Craft Spade Bit Set 13 Piece

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SKU: TC02118
Wood spade drill bit set - Standard

Spade drill bits in the set:

  • Ø6.0mm
  • Ø8.0mm
  • Ø10.0mm
  • Ø12.0mm
  • Ø13.0mm
  • Ø14.0mm
  • Ø16.0mm
  • Ø18.0mm
  • Ø19.0mm
  • Ø20.0mm
  • Ø22.0mm
  • Ø24.0mm
  • Ø25.0mm


A spade drill bit is used for rough boring in wood.

Spade drill bits can be used to drill in:

  • Hard wood
  • Soft wood
  • Chipboard
  • MDF
  • Plywood

The bits in the set are 150mm long with a 6.35mm hex shank for quick change.

Manufactured from high carbon steel. Spade bits are also known as paddle bits or butterfly bits.

To avoid splintering, drill the workpiece from both ends.