Tork Craft SDS Max - SDS Plus Adaptor

R 289.00
SKU: TC317888

SDS-Max to SDS-Plus adapter

In some cases you might need to use a SDS-Plus drill bit and do not have the machine to match the bit. We offer an adapter that will allow one to convert a SDS-Max machine to be able to accept an SDS-Plus drill bit.

Allows SDS-Plus drill bits, chisels and accessories to be used in SDS-Max machines giving it flexibility of user options.

Never overdo it! Look at the maximum capacity (diameter bit) your drilling tool can handle. You might damage the power tool (i.e. burn it out). This product is applied purely for convenience or flexibility purposes within limits.

Example: Installing a 50mm drill bit in the adapter might break the adapter shaft due to exceeding the torque capability that the shaft can handle.