Pony Pro 3/4'' Pipe Clamp Fixture

R 465.00
  • 2-1/8 (53.9mm) Inch Jaw width
  • 2-1/2 (63.5mm) Inch Above work surface
  • Built-in stand
  • Longer screw and built-in clamp hanger
  • Baked enamel finish for increased durability
  • Iron castings
  • Crank-type handle
  • Multiple-disc-clitch

This widely popular clamp fixture is designed to be used on black 3/4″ pipes with the flexibility of creating any clamping length. Easy to assemble. ideal for metalworking, woodworking and a wide range of applications from industrial to do-it-yourself type projects..


The Pony 3/4'' PRO pipe clamp fixture features wider and taller stance and jaws to get the most out of this clamp. A built-in stand and hanger makes it a breeze to use and to store. Clamping jaws reach a maximum of 2-1/8'' and the clamp sits 2-1/2'' above the work surface