Pony 4' Spring Clamp With Protective Handles & Tips

R 199.00
SKU: AC3204T
  • 12 (304.8mm) inch jaw length
  • 4 (101.6mm) inch opening capacity
  • 4 (101.6mm) inch Reach
  • Jaws:nickel-plated steel
  • Spring: tempered steel
  • Tip protection: poly-vinyl

The Pony Tools Spring Clamp with Protected Tips is designed to instantly open and close for fast and easy application and removal.


The handle contours provide a comfortable grip, and the non-slip jaws become parallel at the maximum opening capacity. The point-of-pressure remains near the jaw tips for a tight hold at any point of opening, and the tips of the clamps are covered in poly-vinyl for protection. Clamps with Protected Tips.

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