Tork Craft Lock Mortising Attachment with 17mm Cutter

R 3,999.00 R 4,035.00
Lock mortising attachment Jig to be used with an electric drill to bore out a mortise to fit a door lock.


The jig is clamped onto a door to cut a mortise for the fitment of a door lock.

A drill is attached to the jig with the following requirements:

  • The chuck needs to be removed to expose the 20UNF thread.
  • The drill will be clamped on the collar (ø46mm).
  • The drill will be part of the jig and will thus be a semi-permanent addition.

The cutting length and depth of cut can be adjusted to comply with the demands of various door lock sizes. The standard cutter supplied with the jig is a Ø17mm.

We recommend using a drill with low speed torque. For example a rotary drill without percussion having 20 UNF thread.