Jorgensen Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp 48" 120mm

R 1,299.00
SKU: AC8048
  • 48 Inch (1219mm) Opening Capacity
  • 1000 lb (453kg) Weight limit
  • Clamping faces are 3-3/4 inch height and 1-7/8 inch width
  • SCREWS: 5/8" diameter cold-drawn steel with special, smoothly cut ACME threads
  • Acme screw is heat-treated for extra strength.
  • These 90-degree parallel steel bar clamps have more benefits and enhanced features than any clamp on the market today
  • Multiple clutch disks are made from hardened and plated round edge high carbon steel to give greater support along the steel bar
  • JAWS: reinforced steel and castings protected with orange plastic
  • HANDLES: solid maple

The JORGENSEN Cabinet Master Bar Clamps are ideal for flat panel, box, cabinet, frame and panel doors assemblies or any other project that requires squareness or evenly applied pressure.

Large plastic jaws assure the distribution of clamping pressure over large areas. The jaws stay parallel to assure squareness and prevent work pieces from bowing or lifting.

Built in clamp stand allows clamps to stand upright for one handed use and easier/quicker sliding head adjustment. The sliding head can be reversed on the bar and the clamp then acts as a spreader.

Opening capacity is 48 inches, clamping faces are 3-3/4' height and 1-7/8' width, high-carbon steel bar is 1-3/16' X 3/8', screw is 5/8” cold-drawn steel with special, smoothly cut ACME threads, large easy to grip handle and load limit is 1,000 lbs.

The Chicago based Pony Tools Inc. which was established in 1903 is the manufacturer of all JORGENSEN Bar Clamps. The JORGENSEN Cabinet Master Bar Clamps are made with U.S. and foreign parts in our Chicago factory.

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