Jorgensen 30" Medium Duty Steel Bar Clamp

R 359.00
SKU: AC3730
  • 2.5" (63.5 mm) inch jaw reach
  • 30" (762 mm) inch opening capacity
  • 600lb (272.2 kg) Load Limit
  • Rust resistant steel bars
  • Multiple-Disc-Clutch design
  • Protective pads
  • Threaded sliding-head design

The Steel Bar Clamp features a 2.5" reach and has a threaded sliding-head design to accommodate the screw and allow for easy opening and closing. The steel bars are plated, round-edged, and rust-resistant. The screw is made from cold cut steel and features ACME style threads and a varnished hardwood handle.

The clamp's casting is made from iron and is finished in an orange power coat. The multiple clutch disc is comprised of two clutch discs and a clutch spring to securely hold at any point along the bar.