MPS - Jigsaw blade T-shank Metal 21TPI - 5 pack includes x1 Free

R 119.00

The users of professional power tools have very high expectations of their cutting results. Once expensive high-quality materials come to work, no cut should go wrong! If the cut is not square, or the cutting line has changed, it will not only be annoying but also very expensive.

MPS has designed high quality saw blades made from High-Speed Steel for extended cutting performance. 

QTY: 5 + 1
Material Thickness Range:
1.0 - 3.0 mm

Included is a new MPS designed jigsaw blade - MPS3111F made from Bi-metal for extended cutting performance when cutting stainless steel.

Description Specification
A  1.2 mm
B 50 mm
C 75 mm
D 1 mm
E 8 mm
Other product codes Bosch T118A
Metabo 23637
AEG 254063