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Tork Craft Hard Case 310 x 275 x 155mm

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Tork Craft safety and transport cases withstand the most extreme weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures. The robust hinges offer maximum security while rubberized handles provides comfortable wear. The special air supply and exhaust valves ensure adequate ventilation of, in the supplied Super-foam embedded, transported goods.

Excellent heavy duty, professional equipment case for serious photographers, videographers, audio specialists, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts. These boxes will protect your important gear from the elements. A must-have to transport sensitive equipment and instrumentation.

Its vital stats:

  • Volume of 7 litres
  • Dimensions of 310 x 275 x 155 mm
  • Ultra-light (1.83 kg),
  • Waterproof and buoyant up to 4.2 kg.


  • Waterproof, crush-proof and dust-proof
  • Easy open double throw latches
  • Overlapping interlocking lid eliminates any distorting, mismatching and contributes to an overall sturdier case
  • Molded-in padlock holes
  • With foam.