Flat Lock Grip Pliers

R 199.00
SKU: FIX A1406
A1406: 245 mm Flat Vice Grip Pliers

The FIXMAN flat lock grip pliers (also referred to as a flat vice grip pliers) is made of 6140 Chrome-Vanadium steel. The ergonomic shape of the handles and non-slip coating ensure comfort.


  • Cr-V 6140 chrome-vanadium steel for high strength
  • Ergonomic coated handle design for stable grip and accuracy
  • For welding applications


Description Dimensions
Size 10 inch
Length [L] 245 mm
Throat depth [A] 45 mm
Jaw Max Grip [B] 20 mm
Tip width [H] 98 mm
Width [W] 70 mm
Weight 580 g