Tork Craft Flap Disc Zirconium 115mm 40 Grit Flat 4+1 Free

R 95.00 R 105.00
Why Zirconium?

From a product performance standpoint, flap discs offer fast stock removal and provide grinding, blending and finishing with one product, for a lower total cost. Flap discs feature cooler cutting with less gouging and burning.

Discs can be used on:

  • Inox
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lacquered wood
  • Non-ferrous metal 
 Flap discs and wheels are suitable for:
  • Grinding and finishing of welds
  • Deburring, rust removal and snagging
  • Suitable for most ferrous & non-ferrous materials
  • Excellent for surface finishing