Fixman Straight External Circlip Pliers 7" x 175mm

R 149.00
SKU: FIX A0902
A0902: 175 mm Straight (0°) Internal Circlip Pliers

The FIXMAN line of circlip pliers is made of chrome-vanadium steel. The ergonomic shape of the handles and non-slip coating ensure comfort. Each type of circlip pliers is available in either 6 inches or 7 inches size.

  • Chrome vanadium steel for high durability
  • Ergonomic handle design with non-slip non-slip coating for stable grip and accuracy
  • Straight tip (0 deg)
  • Application: External circlip installation/removal

Description Dimensions
Size 7 inch
Length [L] 185 mm
Tip thickness [H] 10 mm
Tip length [H1] 2 mm
Width [W] 65 mm
Width [W1] 4,5 mm
Nose length [A] 45 mm
Weight 215 g