Fixman Reversible Combination Ratcheting Wrench 15mm

R 289.00
SKU: FIX B1208
15 mm Reversible Combination Ratchet Spanner

FIXMAN reversible combination ratchet wrenches are made of durable chrome vanadium steel. The design includes an increased working surface and micro finish. Available in sizes 6 to 32mm.


  • Chrome vanadium steel for high strength
  • Increased working surface
  • Corrosion resistance thanks to the micro-finish applied
  • Available sizes 6 - 32 mm
Description Dimensions
Size 14 mm
Length [L] 200 mm
Thickeness [H1] 7,1 mm
Thickness of ring side [H2] 9,7 mm
Width of open side [W1] 32 mm
Width of ring side [W2] 30,5 mm
Weight 160 g
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