Fixman Flexible Ratchet Combination Wrench 25mm

R 395.00
SKU: FIX B0718
25 mm Flexible Ratchet Combination Wrench

FIXMAN flexible ratchet combination wrenches are made of durable chrome vanadium steel (40Cr-V). The design includes a non-slip surface and micro finish. Available in sizes 8 to 32 mm.


  • 40 Chrome vanadium steel for high strength
  • Increased working surface
  • Corrosion resistance thanks to the micro-finish applied
  • Flexible neck on ratchet side
  • Available sizes 8 - 32 mm

Description Dimensions
Size 25 mm
Length [L] 268 mm
Height [H1] 9,4 mm
Height [H2] 12,3 mm
Width [W1] 52,5 mm
Width [W2] 45,1 mm
Weight 440 g