Felo Swift Box Bit Set 7 Piece (6 x Bits and 1 x Bit Holder)

R 195.00
SKU: FEL02060116
Swift Box Bit Set - 7 Piece


Felo Swift Box (6 bits + magnetic holder) SL, PZ, PH, practice-oriented compilation of quality bits, all bit sizes at a glance, easy removal (one-hand operation), function as an auxiliary screwdriver

Everything you need

  • Handy format which is also perfect for use on the go
  • Bits made of high-quality tool steel produced at the Felo factory in Germany,
  • Highest hardness and torque values ​​far above DIN and ISO standards
  • Convenient administration of bits without the risk of losing them
  • The possibility of mounting a magnetic holder in a special socket - a hand-operated screwdriver with interchangeable tips is created,
  • High precision and durability
  • Handy box that can be opened with a slight thumb movement


  • 1 x Magnetic holder 1/4 '
  • 2 x 25mm slotted bits: 5,5x1,0mm - 6,5x1,2mm
  • 2 x Phillips bits: PH1 - PH2/
  • 2 x Pozidrive cross bits: PZ1 - PZ2
  • 1 x Swift Handy Box