Felo 429 5.0 x 170 Flexi Nut Driver Ergonic

R 485.00
SKU: FEL42905040
Series 400 Ergonic Flexi Nut Driver - 5.0 x 170

The 3-Component Ergonic screwdriver handle was designed by Felo as the 'next-generation' in ergonomic design, comfort and functionality. The Ergonic handle surface actually conforms to the users hand, creating a form fitted connection between hand and handle. By distributing the turning force across the entire hand, this revolutionary handle eliminates pressure points, relieves hand strain and allows for maximum torque transmission from hand, to screwdriver tip. The handle has an impact proof inner core that is permanently molded to the screwdriver blade. The outer covering of the handle is an engineered two-layer elastomer that is permanently molded to the impact proof inner core. Screwdriver is manufactured from the finest Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium steel and heat treated to exacting specifications.

Everything you need

  • Ergonic, the first handle that adapts to the users hand!
  • smooth, seamless handle for maximum comfort
  • hand and handle interlock, causing less strain
  • anti-roll handle design
  • hanging hole for easy storage or inserting lever
  • screw symbols on handle cap
  • blades manufactured from chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel
  • GS tested for safety
  • superior torque which exceeds DIN and ISO requirements by up 100%
  • EAN code on every product
  • full length, impact proof handle core
  • black tip for precision fit 
ND Size blade length handle length handle width packing units
5.0 170 mm 106  mm 36 mm 6