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Tork Craft Double Jaw F - Clamp 120 x 600mm

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Double jaw F-type clamp

Clamping length: 600mm
Throat: 120mm
Rail: Steel
Jaws: Malleable cast iron
Spindle: Steel
Handle: Wood


The double jaw F-type clamp is cleverly designed to have three pressure points, instead of two. The advantage is a better alignment when clamping workpieces together.

Use in woodworking:

  • Wood assembly and joinery (screws, glue, biscuits etc.).
  • Secure workpieces to a bench or a template.

Use in metalworking:

  • Hold pieces together for bolting or welding.
  • Secure workpieces to a bench or a template.


  • Non-marking pressure pads to prevent surface damage.
  • All steel construction ensures durability and added strength.
  • Wooden handles for added grip.