Tork Craft Diamond Blade 230mm x 22.22 Continuos Rim

R 199.00
SKU: TCDB1110230
Continious Rim Diamond blade 230mm


For cutting ceramic tiles and natural stone slabs

Professional Series Diamond Blade with Continuous Rim (non-segmented) for cutting ceramic tiles and natural stone slabs. Standard 22.23mm bore size to fit all makes of angle grinders.

The Continuous Rim blade is most commonly referred to as a wet cut blade. There are advantages to using water when cutting material:

  • Water significantly cools down the blade, allowing for longer service life
  • It flushes out any debris to lessen friction in the cutting zone
  • It reduces dust, thus preventing dust from building up in the vents of the tool, which would decrease its service life.

The continuous rim cuts the slowest of any of the different styles of diamond cutting blades, but as a trade-off it produces the best cut. Typically, the continuous rim is used for cutting marble, granite, porcelain tile, and ceramic tile.

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