CS-90 500g Copper Anti-seize Paste

R 199.00
SKU: CAN32843
CS-90 - Copper Anti-Seize Paste

500 gram Compound Tub

CS-90 is a superior quality copper paste that prevents seizing, corrosion and galling of threaded fasteners even in high-temperature conditions. Formulated with an exceptionally high copper content and professional grade inhibitors to prevent rust and corrosion, sealing out moisture and protecting threads from corrosive environments. CS-90 is a non-hardening and nondripping durable film, making it easy to assemble and dissemble threaded components after extended service intervals. Lead and silicone free.

Application: Use as an effective anti-seize lubricant for bolts, nuts, pins, screw connections on hydraulic equipment, brakes guides, brake adjusters, spark plugs, splines, wheel bolts, flanges and flange seals, pipeline connections, exhaust screw connections, mechanical linkages, sliding sleeves and shafts.

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