Tork Craft Chisel Set Wood Carving 12 Piece in Leather Pouch

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SKU: CH30003

Chisels in the set:

  • (x1) Straight chisel 7/32' (5.6mm)
  • (x1) Straight chisel 15/32' (11.9mm)
  • (x1) V-tool chisel 3/8' (9.5mm)
  • (x1) Right skew chisel 7/32' (5.6mm)
  • (x1) Gouge chisel 7/32' (5.6mm)
  • (x1) Gouge chisel 3/8' (9.5mm)
  • (x1) Spoon chisel 7/32' (5.6mm)
  • (x1) Gouge chisel 5/16' (7.9mm)
  • (x1) Double skew chisel 7/32' (5.6mm)
  • (x1) Beading chisel 7/32' (5.6mm)
  • (x1) V-groove chisel 7/32' (5.6mm)
  • (x1) Round nose chisel 7/32' (5.6mm)


The chisels in the set are ideal for a wood carving enthusiast. Made from high carbon steel and an ashtree handle. It is a great set for a beginner to learn how to carve in relief or to sculpt miniatures.

There is a total of 12 different chisels to choose from. The chisels are supplied in a leather roll for easy storage and to prevent damage.

The chisels can be honed and sharpened by hand using a diamond whetstone. We recommend using the DMT® range of diamond sharpening equipment.