AT-90 500ml Airtool Lube

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SKU: CAN32881
AT-90 - Airtool Lube

500ml Poly Bottle

AT-90 air tool lubricant has been formulated with a unique blend of base oils for regular maintenance of all air tools and pneumatic equipment.

A true 3-in-1 product: protects, cleans and lubricates. Effectively cleans the tools and equipment by releasing grime and deposits, minimising power reduction and maintaining the overall operating performance.

AT-90 keeps moving parts lubricated preventing equipment failure and prolongs the tool life expectancy. It contains anti-foaming and ‘anti-gumming’ additives which ensures efficient, flawless operation every time.


Use as a multi-purpose lubricating and anticorrosion oil for all air tools such as impact wrenches, sanders, grinders, air motors, hammers, drills, air power tools, in-line lubrication, and more. Apply directly to tools as a protective treatment during storage or as an in-line lubricant during tool use.

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