Action Can MP-90 - Moisture Guard 500ml

R 235.00
SKU: CAN32802

MP-90 is a waxy, translucent green, anti-corrosion coating for the long-term (covered) protection of steel. Protects metal components exposed to high humidity conditions.

For use indoors and outdoors to displace condensation and moisture, preventing the occurrence of corrosion, rusting and oxidation.

Apply the coating to steel components for protection while in storage and international transportation. Ideal for injection moulds and extrusion dies.

Key Features:

  • A flexible, waxy anti-corrosion coating for steel
  • Displaces moisture, prevents corrosion, rusting and oxidation
  • Light green tracer dye for visual inspection of coverage
  • Uniform spray forms a continuous film for complete coverage
  • Provides long-term internal and (covered) outdoor protection for stored equipment
  • Does not contain silicone


Metal components in high humidity conditions requiring protection from atmospheric moisture, such as injection mould tools and extrusion dies. Apply to steel components as an effective international transportation coating.

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