Action Can EC-90 - Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray 500ml

R 269.00
SKU: CAN32777

EC-90 is a fast evaporating electrical cleaner that does not leave a residue, requires no rinsing or wiping, and quickly cleans hard to reach delicate electronic and electrical components.

EC-90 effectively removes deposits and tarnish, improving conductivity and penetrating into switches and contacts, preventing electrical faults. Safe to use on all metals, most rubber, plastics and coatings.

Features and Benefits

  • Cleans delicate electronic and electrical components
  • Removes deposits and tarnish from switches and contacts
  • Rapidly evaporate and leaves no residue
  • Safe for use on all metals, most rubbers, plastics and coatings
  • Non-conductive


Use on electric motor contacts, generator and transformer windings, electrical parts, switch-gear, fuses and high-tension contacts.