Action Can AC-90 - Multi-Purpose Lubricant 250ml

R 79.00
SKU: CAN32768

AC-90 Multi-Purpose Lubricant: a quick fix/all in one-can solution for many everyday tasks. AC-90 is a true multi-purpose lubricant for maintenance and engineering professionals requiring a single-can solution for common problems. AC-90’s formulation is based upon decades of real-world performance experience – becoming a trusted and favoured product choice for engineers around the world. 

Key Features

  • Displaces moisture and eliminates damp induced faults
  • Lubricates moving parts to keep them working smoothly and efficiently
  • Rapidly penetrates and releases seized parts and fasteners
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Cleans surfaces effectively, removing greases, heavy oils, waxes and more
  • Does not contain silicone
  • Available as NSF H1 registration for use in the food and beverage sector


AC-90 contains active ingredients which rapidly spread into microscopic surface irregularities displacing moisture and eliminating damp induced faults on ignition circuits.


AC-90 has excellent corrosion protection of metal parts and components, repelling atmospheric moisture and inhibiting flash-rusting.


AC-90 keeps moving parts working smoothly and efficiently, eliminating stick-slip and improving operational efficiency Does not contain silicone.


AC-90 rapidly penetrates and releases seized, corroded and over-tightened fasteners, leaving a fine lubricating film for ease of reassembly and future protection.


AC-90 used for the cleaning of almost all surfaces, including metal, rubber, vinyl, most plastics, and painted surfaces. It will effectively remove grime, grease residues, wax-based corrosion coatings, and more.