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Tork Craft Acrylic Counter Screen B 590 x 600mm with Slot

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TorkCraft - Acrylic Counter Screen with Slot

Size: 590 x 600 mm


The Tork Craft Acrylic counter screens allow businesses to remain open because they do not only protect employees such as cashiers and receptionists, they also reassure and protect customers. can be used in, retail areas, GP surgeries, reception desks and more

  • a Portable sneeze screen that can be folded flat
  • Easily movable
  • Made from clear Acrylic
  • Easy to wipe clean and sanitize
  • Very easy to install, does not require professional installation.
  • Can be used in:
    • Retail Areas
    • GP surgeries
    • Reception desks and more!
We do not make any claim guarantees of any nature that this screen will prevent the user from being affected with any for of disease/illness.

The counter screen is merely an aid to attempt to prevent in as far as possible the transmission of any particles/droplets to the users mouth and nose area and the use of thereof will not give the user / wearer absolute protection against transmission