AC FF-90 Red Dye Penetrant 500ml

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SKU: CAN33312
FF-90 - Flaw Finder Non-Destructive Testing Kit (Penetrant)

500ml aerosol

FF-90 is a three-step non-destructive flaw finder kit for visual inspection of open to surface cracks, laps and folds on any non-absorbent materials, detecting cracks from 30µm.

FF-90 can be used to inspect welds, castings and forgings. Use for a ‘final check’ on the following processes: fabrication and metal work, pressure vessels, rolling mill products, repair facilities, metal alloy plates, castings, metal parts and components, valves and fittings, boilers, furnaces and engines, machining, composite manufacturing and construction for structural components.

Directions for use

  • Remove any dirt contamination prior to application with FF-90 Cleaner, spray generously and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth.
  • Vigorously shake FF-90 Penetrant prior to use. Apply as a light, even film to the surface, saturating all areas to be inspected. Leave to penetrate for 10-20 minutes.
  • Remove excess FF-90 Penetrant with a lint-free cloth treated with FF-90 Cleaner. (Taking caution not to spray FF-90 Cleaner directly onto surface as this may remove the Penetrant from flaws.)
  • Vigorously shake FF-90 Developer and apply a light coat from a distance of 20cm. Allow to develop for at least 7 minutes, until imperfections are visible. Over time defects will appear as red spots/lines on the white developer.
  • Post inspection, clean off developer & treat with an anti-corrosion treatment if necessary.

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