Tork Craft 35mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw

R 79.00
SKU: TC12116
Size: 35 mm x 38mm


Hole saws are cylindrical cups with a serrated edge to cut various sizes of holes in a variety of materials.

Bi-metal refers to an object that is composed of two separate metals joined together. Instead of being a mixture of two or more metals, like alloys, bimetallic objects consist of layers of different metals.

  • Ideal for cutting stainless steel, mild steel, iron, aluminium, pvc & wood
  • Improved chip clearance
  • Cobalt steel
  • Alternating tooth pattern
  • Material release slots to clear material efficiently
  • Ultra thin kerf for accurate cuts
  • 38mm cut depth for all sizes
  • Use mandrel, TC17002, TC17003, TC17007
WARNING: Using any tool can be dangerous. Always select the right tool for the job.
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