Tork Craft 18 Piece Flexible Shaft & Nutsetter Set

R 95.00
Nutsetter set with flexible shaft

The set includes:


  • 5.5mm
  • 6.0mm
  • 7.0mm
  • 8.0mm
  • 10.0mm
  • 12.0mm
  • 13.0mm

25mm bits:

  • Phillips #1
  • Phillips #2
  • Pozidrive #1
  • Pozidrive #2
  • Slot-head 4.0mm
  • Slot-head 5.0mm
  • Slot-head 6.0mm
  • Torx T15
  • Torx T20
  • Torx T25

The set includes a 250mm flexible shaft.


The bits and the nutsetters have 6.35mm hex drive that fits in the supplied 250mm flexible shaft. Bend the shaft to reach a bolt or screw a normal screwdriver won't.

The bits and the nutsetters are manufactured from Chrome Vanadium for extended life and durability.

Do not connect the flexible shaft to a drill.